A Budget for Bingo -Hardcover-

Before adopting a puppy at the animal shelter, siblings Fizzy and Jack must learn about budgeting and saving to afford the responsibility of pet ownership. They make a list of everything they need for their new furry friend and, with help from Mom, work hard to earn the money needed to give their dog a loving home.

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Discover “A Budget for Bingo” – A Penny Power Series Book

Join the captivating journey of a loving family as they seek to adopt a furry friend in “A Budget for Bingo,” the first installment of the Penny Power series. Perfect for parents and pet professionals, this tale weaves together the magic of storytelling with invaluable lessons on money management as it pertains to our four-legged friends.

Siblings Fizzy and Jack explore the possibility of adding a new member to their family—a playful puppy named Bingo. As they browse through the local animal shelter’s website, excitement fills the air, but soon, they start to see the long-term cost of pet ownership. Through conversations with their mom, the children learn about important financial concepts such as budgeting, prioritizing needs over wants, and the value of earning and saving money. 

With heartwarming moments and adorable illustrations, “A Budget for Bingo” teaches children ages 5-10 about money, responsible pet ownership, and the true meaning of family—all wrapped up in an irresistible tale of friendship between a dog and her beloved human companions.

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